Anatomy of Fishing Record Keeping
Organizations And Programs
By Craig Sandell 2010

Some of you may have caught wind of an effort to establish a modern day muskellunge world record program from news releases, magazine articles and perhaps from speaking with folks at the Musky shows.

I thought that a brief comparison of the existing organizations to the new program would be helpful as you decide where to register your world record Musky.


A public service organization founded in 1960 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 1970 for the purpose of developing an attraction and a museum to collect, preserve and display the artifacts of the sport of fresh water angling.

Related Activities:

To conduct a public service program for qualifying, compiling, publishing and updating record fresh water fish catches.

To perform a program of recognition of persons and organizations for outstanding achievement and accomplishment in the realm of fresh water fishing.

To library and disseminate information, and act as a clearing house for dated and contemporary facts concerning the fishing industry.


The Fishing Hall of Fame has been developed and is self-sustaining by broad public support. Its funding is voluntary from three primary sources: museum admissions, donations and memberships.



The International Game Fish Association is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization, supported by its membership and governed by an Executive Committee and Board of Trustees. An elected International Committee of more than 300 sport fishermen and women represents the IGFA in fishing areas throughout the world. International Committee members act as liaisons between recreational fishermen, fishing clubs, local governments and fishery agencies in their areas and IGFA headquarters located in Dania Beach Florida.


Modern Day Muskellunge World Record Keeping Program

The program was announced in April of 2006.

The program has no physical location. Applications for world record consideration are sent to a private residence. A location for the archiving and safe keeping of record information and documentation is unknown. There is no known policy regarding the control of the chain of custody for documentation supporting an application.

Since its announcement, the program has already had to revise the angler rules for world record consideration.

The program is neither non-profit or for profit and has no mechanism for funding.

There is no reciprocal agreement between this program and the other two established record keeping organizations.

Website: None

Which organization will you trust with the registration of your world record Musky?

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