The Jerk Bait
Craig Sandell 2013

The jerk bait, as with the crank bait, is an all season weapon for the Musky angler. You must make some tackle modifications, however, in order to effectively use the Jerk bait. Your rod needs to have good backbone, your line should be 35 lb. test or better and your reel should be sturdy and uncomplicated.

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The Bobbie Bait

The Bobbie bait is a staple in Musky jerk bait lures. It has been around for quite a few years and has many a Musky to its credit. It comes in a multitude of colors and configurations, including weighted versions. You can get information on pricing from the folks at Bobbie Bait by visiting their website.

Product Review:

The Bobbie Bait is a very functional jerk bait. It is easy to use and reacts well to different lure presentation strategies. With some tuning of the metal fin in the rear, you can get a variety of actions from the lure that will let you twitch it over the tops of submerged weed or dive along a weed line or structural shelf.

Although the Bobbie Bait is well made, it does exhibit some problems with extended use. The lure does not come with split rings to allow leverage free hooking power. Over time, due to the action of the lure, the hooks will scrape off the paint from the if you bought it for its color or pattern...that color or pattern will be gone with a season of persistent use. When the finish is gone the wood is you need to seal it with some gun stock varnish in order to keep it from getting water logged.

The screw eye in the front of the lure that is used for connection to your leader is recessed. This makes it difficult to attach your leader. Field reports have folks using split rings to overcome this problem. Other folks are attaching 9 inch solid wire leaders to the bait but this will require that you retie when you want to change lures.

Overall, this is an excellent lure for attracting and catching Musky. We would strongly recommend that you ad one to your tackle box.

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The Reef Hawg

The Reef Hawg, by Fundally, is a hardwood jerk bait that provides 'Musky attracting' action when properly used. You can get price and model info from catalogs on the internet

Product Review:

The Reef Hawg is the type of jerk bait that Musky anglers swear by and swear at in the same breath. It is well made and has great action in the water when it is properly retrieved...therein lies the problem.

In order to get the darting side to side motion from the lure, you need to persistently make sharp jerking motions with your rod. Unlike other jerk baits that glide or dive, this one will not tolerate you taking a break in the middle of a retrieve cycle. You will find that, after a few hours tossing a Reef Hawg, your arms will be begging for mercy.

Aside from that and the scraping of the finish from the lure by hook action, this lure provides the Musky angler another jerk bait presentation for all kinds or weather throughout the entire Musky season.


Pictured is a down sized version of the Suick. the come in 9" and 12" sizes and this year are available in wood or plastic.

Product Review:

Like the Bobbie bait, the Suick has been available for years. For me, tuning the Suick has been a bit of a chore; but once I got the action that I wanted, it is a consistent performer.

The weighted models can be slow jerked creating the rise and fall action of a crippled fish while the non-weighted model is buoyant enough to be used as a twitch bait is it is tuned properly.

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