How Do You Beat The Heat?
By Craig Sandell © 2018

In case you hadn’t noticed, the weather this Muskie season has been extreme.

It seems that the whole country is caught in the grip of high temperatures and unsettled weather that is playing havoc with catching our elusive quarry. The sun has raised water temperatures into the mid-80 degree range on many bodies of water, especially those that are stained or turbid and the wind has not helped the situation.

In Canada, the hot weather drives the fish shallow as they raise their body temperatures to help digest food and attempt to beat the short Canadian season, but in America, the hot weather drives the fish deep as they seek a comfort zone.

When the fish go deep, the result is some pretty tough fishing.

So…how do you beat the heat and catch a fish or two?

It will likely require that you adopt a different approach to the hunt. With weather like this, the surface lure is the low percentage approach. The next lowest approach is bucktails or spinners unless you are using a lure that is weighted  that you can "count down" allowing it to run deeper. Two lures that may be useful are:

Get The Net Lures From Noah Binsfeld

In addition to the 5/0 Mustad hooks in the belly and butt and the 1½ ounce weight of the lure, Noah adds heat shrink to the front of the lure and to the Marabou wrap and the rear hook making these lures built to last through multiple Musky encounters!!

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The Baby Rage From Rocky Point tackle

The Baby Rage is a 2¾oz. 9" two piece bucktail that is head weighted.

The custom designed head, gives you the option to switch out blade attachments to give you the option of throwing a spinner bait or inline bucktail (Both blade attachments are included). The weighted lure head allows the lure to run deeper.

This is very useful when fishing low emerging weeds or fishing established weed lines as well as drop-offs and deeper water (you can troll with this lure).

The use of multi-colored tinsel provides a larger profile in the water as it is retrieved or trolled.

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Jerk and crank baits are the higher percentage baits. Fishing these lures off the deep edge (12 to 15 feet) of a weed edge or shelf, is the high percentage approach.

You may have to change to a slightly heavier rod and perhaps a different line strength (80 - 100 pound test Tuf-Line XP) to accommodate the heavier lures for casting or trolling.

Probably the best time of the day to fish is early morning, after the water has had the night to cool off a bit.

I am not saying that fish won’t be caught during the day or at night…what I am saying is that the high percentage time is early morning. Certainly, if you have a storm moving in and a barometer dropping, you should be considering going on the hunt while taking precautions to protect yourself from a storm’s high winds and lightning.

You might want to take a look at the "Crank/Twitch/Jerk" articles on this website for some possible lure selections.

Good fishing…I never thought I would be impatient for the cooler shorter days of September.

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