An Open Letter To Corey Meyer (Musky Meyer)
From Craig Sandell, Owner Of Musky America

I recently read a post on Facebook from Corey Meyer about me and the website that was at best childish and chicken. Rather than respond to it on face book, I decided to post a response here on the front page of Musky America so that everyone has an opportunity to view my response.

Corey took exception to the article concerning the Ty Sennett lure that he [Ty] lifted from Ryan Jinkerson. He also exposed his [Corey] ignorance of internet traffic patterns when he attempted to marginalize the contribution of Musky America to the Musky information base.

Ty Sennett

It is no surprise that Corey would try to discredit the fact that Ty lifted his lure design from Ryan Jinkerson. Ryan Jinkerson will be at the Wisconsin Musky Expo and you can get the straight scoop from him. Corey called the article biased...Since when is telling the truth biased?

Corey has been holding on to Ty’s shirt tails for years in hopes that Ty would throw some guiding client “crumbs” his way. Corey has tried to sell himself as a guide but the only guide business he seems to be getting is from Ty’s overflow and then only when Corey's day job doesn't get in the way.

Musky America

Corey has presumed to speak for the entire Musky community, asserting that Musky America is considered a joke by what he terms “the industry”. I would note that Musky anglers are a small community of highly focused fishermen...they are not an industry, they are people and I present the following for consideration:

Musky America is among the highest ranked websites on all of the search engines for the keyword Musky. That kind of high ranking doesn’t happen by accident. That ranking is because of the more than 3,000 individual users that visit Musky America every month.

The reason Musky America gets such readership is because of the over 300 articles that are readily available covering everything from product reviews to seasonal tactics. It is also free of the forced advertising that one gets from Musky magazines...It is also free to view.

Musky America has, over the years, posted articles that have pissed off the likes of Pete Manina, Ty Sennett, Larry Ramsell, Jim Saric and Corey Meyer. These articles are supported by fact and I make no apology for them.

A Closing Word

Over the years, Corey has been saying insulting things about me to everyone who he could get to listen to him…however he never seems to be able to work up the nerve to speak his particular brand of personal poison to my face. There is a Contact Page on that comes to me directly. If Corey has something adult to convey to me, I invite him to use it.

To all of you out there who don’t give a damn about this…I do apologize.

Tight Lines.