Vote No On Motor Trolling
Commentary By: Craig Sandell, Et Al

At the upcoming Conservation Congress meetings in Wisconsin Counties on April 8th, one of the questions asked will be if the people would be in favor of motor trolling on ALL Wisconsin waters with up to 3 lines per angler. I urge you to vote NO on this trolling proposal as it is likely to pose a serious risk to the Musky population of many of our state’s prime Musky fisheries.

By allow motor trolling for Musky during the hot summer months, when water temperatures commonly exceed 80 degrees, Musky mortality is almost certainly assured due to the high water temperatures.

A significant percentage of Musky caught by trolling would likely not survive the stress of being caught & released during those warm conditions when oxygen levels are dangerously low. Right now, Mother Nature, protects this vulnerable population of muskies during high temperature conditions because they are not easily accessible to casters.

When trolling was expanded in Wisconsin in 1970, recognizing the conflicts and pressure that it could bring, the DNR wisely exempted the smaller lakes as well as many Class ‘A’ musky waters.

Currently, trolling is already allowed on numerous waters across the state, giving those who wish to troll a variety of places to fish. The WDNR has ignored good science and "common sense" in supporting state wide trolling merely to comply with a mandate from Governor Walker, a politician who doesn’t even want to be Governor and who has put Wisconsin’s natural resource management in the hands of an inept and disinterested political appointee, Secretary Cathy Stepp.

The DNR will tell you that this proposal will simplify regulations & eliminate enforcement issues for anglers who like to drag suckers in the fall.

That Is Just A Lie!!!

First off, Wisconsin’s waters are far too diverse to have blanket "one size fits all regulations." The uniqueness of our waters requires tailor-made regulations that will best protect our resources.

Secondly, if the state wants to fine-tune live bait regulations by considering a trolling season after October 1, then at least it wouldn’t threaten our fisheries by allowing additional summertime trolling when the water temps are dangerously warm and Musky are at substantial risk.

Trolling would also help facilitate a rapid spread of Eurasian milfoil on waters where it is already an issue, introduce increased amounts of pollution into the ecosystem, and create many boater conflict situations on our pristine Northwoods waters.

Vote No On Trolling!!!

We Are All In this Together